You Are A Treasure

To shine bright like a diamond is an attitude and a state of mind. It is also your journey and destination to “Happy.”  To shine is to give out a bright light from within.

What would you do if you found a treasure chest filled with rare jewels abandoned on a beach? The treasure that is within you is more than just a box with a hinge and a key.

The treasure is what makes you glitter and shine like gold. How? There is only one you and with all your accomplishments and failures, you are a treasure. Yes, there is no one identical to you so you are like a diamond. Stop and think about this: you are unique because you are only one of a kind and there is no other person like you. Just your personality makes your stand apart from anyone else. You are just as valuable as a rare diamond.

This is how a diamond shines: the light enters through the top, and then is angled around the “inside” of the diamond before being aimed back towards the top and out through the surface.