What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is taking time to smell the food, enjoy the visual  aesthetics of it, feel the texture in your mouth, savor the flavors. In  short, you are going to slow down and enjoy your meals. 

You no longer eat when stressed as you want to be sure that your body receives all the nutrients from your foods. You now eat  mindfully which means slower. 

Eating is an event where you should be present. After all, eating is  when you are nourishing your body. You take time to decide on a  healthy meal then you swallow your food. When you begin to observe  the way others eat, you will think there is a race to finish eating. Or is  it as in the Nathan’s Hotdog race when the winner is the one who  eats the most hotdogs in the shortest time. What are you thinking  about?