Telling Your Story

We each have a story that wants to be heard. Each of us have a story about the pandemic, during and after. We can even go back to 9/11 and you have a story to be told. The events may be the same, but your story is unlike another’s.  

Your story has a different experience with its own emotions and thoughts. The experience and time in your story are unlike another’s. 

Why is it important to tell your story? Well first, your story is about you and the challenges experienced. Your story is unique with its own mistakes, pain, and failures. Stories in your life have left you with dreams, hopes, experiences and fears. As you share your story, you are creating a human connection leaving others not feeling alone and even feeling understood. 

Finally, you should tell your story because there is no one who has your voice. Your story will share what it means to be human. And after you tell your story, you will gain a sense of being free.