Self Love: A regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

There is no greater love than self-love. Self-love goes beyond the love for another because love begins within.  On this Valentine’s Day when love is celebrated, I challenge you to write a love letter to yourself.  As you do, you will awaken your senses and heart to the one person you will be spending the rest of your life with, and that person is you. Focus on the last time you did something for you. Acknowledge your inner strength that has carried you through dark times. As you continue to write, stop, and give thought on whether the relationship you have with yourself is one that you seek in a partner.

It is time for you to become your best friend and be thankful for standing by your side and believing in you. There is a lot for you to be thankful for as it is up to you to make yourself laugh when times are uncertain. It is up to you to be thankful for making yourself laugh when you may not have even felt like smiling.

You are unique!