New Beginnings Happen Everyday

On December 31st many will gather all around the world to celebrate 2023. On this day it will seem more significant than just another day because it’s a new year.

Remember every day is a new day.

It’s a time when we let go of our yesterdays and look forward to new beginnings. I hope you are willing to begin anew every day by taking your thoughts off yesterday. Let go of everything that no longer serves you.

Every thought is connected to an emotion, and this can keep your past becoming your present and eventually your future. I personally believe that we should keep our minds focused on this truth: “the past does not dictate our destiny, only we get to do that.”

Yes, there are ups and downs in life, but you know the sun will set and arise again in the morning. It is up to us to create the life we want by knowing that unfortunate times will remain if we allow our thoughts to focus on them.

So, in 2023, arise every morning knowing that you get to make the choice to keep your peace no matter what is happening externally. Happiness does not just happen, it’s a choice.

May your personal growth day after day lead you into being the best version of YOU!