Negativity or Positivity

Did you know that a negative thought weighs more than a positive thought. Did you know it takes three positive thoughts to replace one negative thought. Simply said, negativity is so much more powerful that positivity. And when you speak negativity, it is ten times more powerful. If you think negativity, it’s four to seven times more powerful. I recently began to wonder if the weight of negative thoughts is a contributing factor to a headache.

We know that negative thinking and depression work together because one fuels the other. Then symptoms manifest with tension headaches that happen when the muscles in your head and next become tight from stress. Then you can begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxiety, insomnia, poor eating and even miss meals.

Don’t you agree that staying positive is the way to live. Just never think that evil can outweigh the good. Be hopeful and confident about the future but strive daily to live in the present.

One of my favorite quotes: Rule your mind or it will rule you.