It’s Not About You

In life, there will be times when our go-to-friends are not available for us. We cherish friendships as they are our lifenet. So when friends blow you off, will you react or respond? You need to remember that these times have nothing to do about you. Your friend is not saying you are unworthy of their attention. The truth is that there are times in life when all of us become busy and consumed with our own life's trials.

I want you to think about this. You are always one decision away  from a totally different experience. You have the power to begin living  life by deciding not to react but respond. And often a response needs  to be addressed later when the parties involved are calm and willing  to listen to one another. 

Your stress comes from the way you respond and not to what is  happening. It is easy to do life when you adjust your attitude and then all that extra stress leaves. And if you stop and think about this,  life can be easy, but it is complicated when stressful responses and  attitudes are present. 

How do you adjust your attitude? Here is an option. It is an easy way  to do life when you remember there is more happening that what is  seen. People can be so quiet about their pain, that you forget they  are hurting, and this is one reason that it is important for us to be  kind to one another. Another more common reason to adjust your attitude is because the other person’s behavior has so much more to  do with their own internal struggles than it has to do with you.  

What does this mean to you and how you will see disagreements in  the future?