Bullying has now advanced into cyberbullying. With all the unfortunate events taking place worldwide and in our individual lives, bullying is still present. Bullying is not just present, but it goes unchecked.

If you are being bullied, first know that this behavior says more about the bully than you. Nonetheless, the act of bullying has an impact on your wellbeing. We know that no one should have the right to have a negative impact on anyone’s life. If this is happening, do not go on this path alone. And do not permit any words or acts become a part of you or your thoughts. This is the time to step up your game and let your self-worth soar to levels that makes you shine. You are unique as there is only one you and fingerprints support this truth. There is not one of us who have identical fingerprints.

What is self-worth? It is how you feel about yourself, and you are not affected by what does or does not happen. You are secure with who you are and how you see yourself is rooted deep within.

This article is not about the bully as she/he is not worthy to be referenced in this article. This is about you and the importance of self-worth. I am going to briefly address how spoken words have a long-lasting effect. It is sad that those who are supposed to love us at our worse can express disappointment in words that stay with us forever. This is what you need to remember that no matter what has happened in your past, you are responsible for our future. In fact, you get to determine your destiny despite your past.

Let’s move forward. There is self-esteem, self-compassion, self acceptance, self-respect, self-confidence, self-love and self-care. Self-worth can be confused with self-esteem. Self-esteem is dependent upon “external” factors like achievements that defines worth. Self-worth is about you and your belief. For example, if you believe you’re a good person, you are a good person. Your belief is all about the value you place on yourself. It is the internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others. This belief is about you and cannot be taken by anyone. What you believe about yourself cannot be shaken by anyone or anything that happens or does not happen. It is all about you. Your self-worth is not defined by anything external.

A short mention of the bully is to say that I assure you there is more going on within the bully and it is not about you. And if one day you can take this bully down, be graceful, mature and walk away knowing Karma is real. Think of the words spoken by Michelle Obama: “when they go low, we go high.”

YOU ARE NOT A STATISTIC; YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER! The following link opens your eyes to the importance of never doing life alone during a time like this. I cannot stress how beautiful and unique you are, and no one can replace your existence.

School of Black Utah student who died by suicide allowed bullying 'on any ground' to go unchecked, report finds https://www.cnn.com/2022/04/10/us/isabella-izzytichenor-utah-investigation-report/index.html