Avoid the Holiday Blues

Is depression during the holidays a real thing? Is there a way to avoid the holiday blues?

Did you know that a survey of 2,000 Americans who spend time with family during the holidays revealed that 3 hours and 54 minutes is enough? After that time, they need space from the family gathering.

Perhaps this is how holiday movies that are about dysfunctional family visits become blockbusters. There is no question that the family holiday gatherings come with its own stressors. The stress begins way before the actual holiday event. It can be just the thought of another family gathering that can create both internal and external stressful expectations.

So, if you are alone for the holiday, you can take time to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of others. There are shelters where you can volunteer serving others. You are then left with that feel good hormone called endorphins.

You can later do something for yourself: a walk in a beautiful neighborhood as you listen to your playlist; schedule a full body massage or pick up a holiday dinner for yourself. During the holidays, there are countless eateries offering full meals.

Finally, if you look around, you will most likely find someone else who has no where to go for the holidays. This is when you put your social skills to work and be creative. You do not need to experience the holiday blues. These feelings are temporary and will not last.