Self Love First

We so often hear “love yourself.” Many often wonder what this means. How do I love myself?” One confirmation of self-love is when you put yourself first.

Our Brokenness Is Our Beauty

Just as it takes practice to take broken pottery and turn it into beautiful objects of art, it takes practice to accept our imperfections as part of our innate beauty.

Holiday Eating Tips

There is something that you need to keep in mind throughout the holiday months and that is to enjoy this very special time. Do not become burdened thinking about calories and weight gain. Why? You are becoming healthy and not focused on weight loss.

Avoid the Holiday Blues

Is depression during the holidays a real thing? Is there a way to avoid the holiday blues?Did you know that a survey of 2,000 Americans who spend time with family during the holidays revealed that 3 hours and 54 minutes is enough? After that time, they need space from the family gathering.Perhaps this is how … Read more

Negativity or Positivity

Did you know that a negative thought weighs more than a positive thought. Did you know it takes three positive thoughts to replace one negative thought. Simply said, negativity is so much more powerful that positivity. And when you speak negativity, it is ten times more powerful. If you think negativity, it’s four to seven … Read more

Your Brain Cannot Comprehend Negativity

The human brain cannot comprehend the negative, it is incapable. You might not believe it, but the human brain cannot comprehend the negative. It’s true, so says Simon Sinek, and he’ll even give you an example to prove it. Are you ready?Don’t think of an elephant.Okay, what were you thinking just now?You can’t tell the human … Read more

Summer To Winter

The left side of a woman's face is in summertime while the right side of her face is in winter

When seasons change, our routines change. Take time to create a routine that works for the season and stay active. You may have heard of the “winter blues” which is a mental state of feelings of sadness and fatigue.